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 BOTA helped fund the National Bamboo Collection of Mexico. Our initial work was completed in 2005. This video posted by Biol. Gilberto Cortés was filmed there and shows the botanical value of this Ex-situ collection. National Collection of Mexican Native Bamboos: Chusquea longifolia in Flower

Photos from the 2008 Ecuador BOTA Eco-tour.

Photos from the 2006 3rd Latin American Bamboo Symposium in Ecuador by Gib Cooper.

Photos from Biol. Gilberto Cortés of Mexican bamboo. (being rebuilt)

Founders BOTA Tour of Mexico in June 2004

  • BOTA TOUR MEXICO 2004-Chusquea bilimekii - 2:53 VIDEO
  • BOTA TOUR MEXICO 2004-Chusquea aperta - 2:58 VIDEO
  • BOTA Tour Mexico 2004-Chusquea sp. ‘las Vigas’ - 01:58 VIDEO
  • BOTA TOUR MEXICO 2004- Vivero de/Nursery of Pablo Hernandez - 6:32 VIDEO
  • BOTA Mexico Tour 2004 - Bamboo Furniture/Muebles en Bambú - 4:01 VIDEO
  • National Bamboo Collection of Mexico - 06:35 Video
  • Favorite photos by several photographers on the tour.

    By Ralph Evans - Discovery. Rafael Pedregal, Gilberto Cortés and Darrel deBoer look closely at an unknown species of bamboo found on a walk.

    By Ralph Evans - Ejido Cuahtemoc. Our guides show us Guadua aculeata in the field near Catemaco.

    By Michael James Long - Pablo Hernandez displays rooted bamboo cuttings in bags to Darrel DeBoer, Ann Richardson and Gilberto Cortés.

    By Gib Cooper - Jose de Jesus Palé discusses his propagation research project with the group at Clavijero Botanical Garden.

    By Gib Cooper - Ing. Victor Ordonez explains how Guadua and other native bamboo species are physically tested in the engineering laboratory at The Ecology Institute in Xalapa, Ver.


    By Gib Cooper - Gilberto Cortés, Antonio Velsaquez and Sue Turtle walk in the rai to view cloud forest endangered bamboo species Chusquea bilimekii and Chusquea aperta.

    The Long Tour

    An image tour of Central Veracruz State in June 2004. 40.9 megabyte Quicktime Slideshow download. Takes several minutes to down load and view. Photos by Michael James Long. No captions.