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Peruvian Student Natalia Reategui Receives BOTA-SAP Grant

Peruvian Student Natalia Reategui Receives BOTA-SAP Grant

The grant from BOTA will facilitate fieldwork for her thesis for which she is currently collecting woody bamboo plants in Chanchamayo, Department of Junin in Peru. The goal of her project is to characterize the morphology and produce bamboo identification keys based on vegetative features. She will also collect information on common names, uses, ecological preferences and distribution within the study area for these species. Research for her proposal uncovered reports that in the mountain district there exists species of the genera Arthrostylidium, Aulonemia and Rhipidocladum. Her fieldwork in the cloud forest at higher elevations should reveal populations of Chusquea and Neurolepis.

Natalia Reategui was born in Lima, Peru, and her family moved to the Amazonian city of Iquitos shortly thereafter. Her Colombian relatives and trips as a youngster to that country sparked her interest in Guadua bamboo. In her first year as a student in the Forestry Dept of the La Molina Agrarian University in Lima, she had an internship with the Bambukindus company in the department of Quindio, Colombia to learn about the production system of Guadua bamboo. While in Colombia she visited Ximena LondoƱo’s farm “La Esmeralda” and took the opportunity to be around bamboo farmers, businessmen, and artisans. Natalia is a member of the Peruvian Bamboo Society. She expects to finish her Bachelor’s degree in 2008. Following her degree, she will participate on the Alto Mayo Special Project in Moyobamba, Peru where natural Guadua bamboo forests are threatened due to land use change for rice cultivation.

Natalia Reategui (R) receives her grant from Dr.Peggy Stern (L) in Lima, Peru.

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  1. diep thi my hanh Says:

    Dear Natalie Reategui,
    It is vey please when I read from the site from the introduction of my son and his friend, they just come back from Peru for their holidays and told me about the bamboo in Peru.
    I work in Natural Sciences University in Viet Nam, I will be happy to contact ans exchange with you about the bamboos.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Diep thi My Hanh

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